Sides and Salads


Please remember that you MUST order this food at least 3 days in advance to ENSURE we can fulfil your order – 01303 813175

If you don’t see exactly what you want below then please contact us with your requirements and we will do our very best to help.

All Sides and Salads need a MINIMUM of 4 portions ordered please.

    • Salad to Take Away

    • Spicy Bean Salad

      £2.50 pp

      Our Spicy Bean Salad consists of 4 different beans and a spicy dressing

    • Waldorf Salad

      £2.80 pp

      Everyone is familiar with a Waldorf Salad - Apple, celery and walnuts in a light mayo dressing

    • Potato Salad

      £2.80 pp

      A beautiful, creamy Potato Salad using dill, gherkins and capers

    • Greek Salad

      £3.20 pp

      This Greek Salad is a mixture of olives, feta, cherry tomatoes, new potatoes and fine beans.

      A wonderful way to start your meal or as a light snack of itself.

    • Mushroom Pasta Salad

      £2.00 pp

      Our Mushroom Pasta Salad consists of a delicious combination of chestnut and porcini mushrooms

    • In House Salad

      £2.50 pp

      Our own in house salad includes sugar-snap peas, cherry tomatoes & bean sprouts in a sesame dressing

    • Sides to Take Away

    • Wild Rice

      £2.80 pp

      Wild Rice with mustard seed and almond

    • Dauphinoise Potatoes

      £4.00 pp

      Dauphinoise Potatoes with garlic and fresh cream

    • Creamed Potatoes

      £3.00 pp

      With butter and fresh cream

    • Couscous

      £3.00 pp

      Couscous with roasted vegetables

    • Couscous

      £2.50 pp

      Couscous with lemon and fresh coriander